The 2023 Chronicle

Michaelhouse, an Anglican Diocesan College of Natal, was founded in 1896 and is a South African boarding school for senior boys, with an international reputation. Situated on a secure estate in the beautiful Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, the school has a fully residential staff which facilitates a high level of pastoral care and interaction with the pupils. The distinctive architecture of interlinked quadrangles inspires a sense of belonging amongst the 626 boys. VALUES To live our lives according to the Christian values of integrity, humility, compassion and courage in service to our community and country. MISSION To provide a dynamic and progressive education for boys that respects individual needs and embraces diversity and change in pursuit of academic, sporting and cultural excellence, while providing social and leadership skills and nurturing spiritual growth. VISION “Our aim is to make, not accountants, not clerks, not clergymen,

but men; men of understanding, thought and culture.” Canon James Cameron Todd, Founder of Michaelhouse (Speech Day 1897)


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Generous friends of the school donated three padel courts to Michaelhouse, situated in the tennis and squash complex, and plans have been made for the widening of the Chapel to accommodate all boys and staff of our enlarged school. This is critical to the central mission and well-being of Michaelhouse. Solar power and sustainability were features of our growth and development in 2023 with the first panels being placed unobtrusively on the roofs of the Indoor Centre, Schlesinger Theatre and Junior Dining Hall as the initial step towards being self-sustaining. Load shedding and other difficulties in terms of the reliability of Eskom provided a further spur to our determination to progress in this important area. Boere maak planne . The Transformation and Diversity Advisory Committee grew in stature and prominence under the chairmanship of Mr Sibusiso Ncamani, Deputy Rector: Pastoral, who also engaged along with Board member Mr Ray Mkhulisi and our operational staff to understand some deep-seated concerns. Dr Imtiaaz Sooliman was welcomed to the school Ad Portas. A Development Office was established under Mrs Frances Fleming Bolttler to consolidate our fundraising initiatives, particularly with a view to raising additional resources to assist our boys financially over their tenure at Michaelhouse. About 40% of our families receive some scholarship or financial assistance and the aim is to increase this percentage substantially over the next decades. During the last quarter we were rocked by the sudden death of Zanda Cele, an E Block boy in Farfield. He had gone to the San with mild flu symptoms and died suddenly the next morning. The brotherhood of the boys was never more evident than on the occasion of Zanda’s memorial service, after which they linked arms in the Main Quad and sent him off with a rousing Michaelhouse war cry. Boys are expected to greet visitors, to demonstrate respect to adults, to look them in the eye and to give them a firm handshake, to display good manners, compassion, warmth, to care for those less fortunate than themselves, to serve and to exhibit what Andrew Woodland, Senior Prefect of 2023, called in his leaving speech “humble confidence”. Most of the time most boys get it right.

023 will go down in the annals as a memorable year for Michaelhouse: the school roll stood at 624 for the major ity of the year and, on the inevitable departure of some boys, others came off the bench from the long waiting lists to take their places. Boys value being here and, on the whole, gave of their best in every arena. One particularly poignant moment was the last-gasp victory in the First XV match at Hilton. Having been denied a triumph in our first encounter, we notched up our 100th victory over our friendly neighbours and rivals. Indeed, among our eight open rugby sides, there were only eight defeats all season; there is much that is true in the notion that the enthu siastic performance of the fifth and sixth XVs week in and week out is a good barometer of the health and spirit of Michaelhouse. On the academic front, some of our boys excelled on the international stage. One was Luke Kaufmann, a B Blocker, whose essay in the field of economics attracted the attention of professors at Princeton University and Oxford’s dons and saw him invited to parley with them at the John Locke Institute in Oxford. He and Seth Segal were also selected to represent South Africa in debating and public speaking. A future-fit curriculum was introduced for 23 D Block boys as an alternative educational programme to certain of their subjects; this took cognisance of the areas designated by the United Nations as the most significant with which all people should engage over the next ten years. Included in these were issues of sustainability, climate change and poverty, real- life issues concerning which our boys had to formulate and implement appropriate responses. The Todd Cup was introduced on the suggestion of the boys as a trophy to reflect the combination of all interhouse events, including success and endeavour in the academic arena. The trophy was won in its first year by Tatham. Indeed, Tatham boys prepared to move at the end of the year to the newly created Tatham bordering the Pennington Quad. The creation of accommodation for the Housemaster adjacent to the boys fulfilled the strategic objective of the Board to have all Housemasters accommodated alongside the boys. The old Tatham is to be the receptacle into which each successive House requiring an upgrade is decanted. A substantial upgrade of boarding facilities commonly takes place every 30-40 years in similar boarding schools around the world and so we are no exception in this regard.

(+27) 33 234 1000 @IAmMichaelhouse

EDITORS: Murray Witherspoon, Nicola Kidgell, Dermott White FORMAL PHOTOGRAPH ADMINISTRATOR: Joanne Morrison DESIGN & LAYOUT: Shanice Cassim COVER PHOTOGRAPH: Seth Harie PRINTERS: LT Printers CONTACT: Private Bag X1, Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal, 3275, South Africa



Michaelhouse was founded in 1896 and is an internationally renowned South African boarding school for senior boys. The school is governed by a Board made up of significant South Africans. At the heart of the school’s academic, pastoral, spiritual and cultural endeavours is a fully resident academic staff complement whose daily role it is to nurture, guide and encourage our boys.


GOVERNORS Deon Dhlomo Ross Elliot

Nkululeko Sowazi Nigel Tatham

MICHAELHOUSE STAFF Ray Mkhulisi Njabulo Mthembu Philip Nel Bongani Phakathi Andrew Schaefer (Chairman from July 2022) Delysia Timm Wayne Witherspoon (President OBC) ASSOCIATE GOVERNORS Gordon Bruins Pat Goss Nick Jonsson Des Sacco Marius Henn, BA (Hons): Operations Manager Tim Jarvis, BA Ed (Hons), BA Psych (Hons): Life Orientation, School Counsellor, Senior Master: Pastoral Karin Moffat, BSc (Hons) HDE: Mathematics, FS Mathematics, Housemaster-McCormick, Senior Housemaster Lynne Moore, BA HDE, BEd (Hons) HRM Dip: Human Resources Manager Gerard Noel, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PGD, MPhil: Senior Academic, Life Sciences, Tutor-Farfield Ryan Strudwick, BAgric Mgt, PGCE: Senior Master: Sport, Tutor-Founders Akhona Sikhakhane, BSocSci Psych (Hons): Community Partnerships Trust Manager Murray Witherspoon, MA: Head: Admissions & Marketing, Old Boys’ Club Director ACADEMIC STAFF Grant Ball, B.Journ (Hons), PGCE: English, Assistant Housemaster-Tatham Sally Cahill, B.Journ (Hons), PGCE: English, FS English, Tutor-East,

TRUSTEES Simon Jonsson

Mike Gammie Richard Gush Anthony Hewat (Chairman until July 2022) Zuko Kubukeli (Vice Chairman from July 2022) Bassie Kumalo Sean Lumley (Vice President OBC) Mark Lynn Debbie Martin

Richard Gush Zuko Kubukeli Peter Hayward-Butt Anthony Hewat Jamie Inglis Gary Ralfe Nkululeko Sowazi Joni Warburton

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Antony Clark, MA HDE: Rector Win de Wet, BA HDE: Economics, Deputy Rector: Academic Brendan Gittins, BCom Acc, BCom (Hons) Finance PGCE: Economics, Accounting, Deputy Rector: Pupils Revd Chris Meyer, BCom LLB, Post Graduate Diploma in Theology: Chaplain, Divinity Sibusiso Ncamani, BEd: Geography, Deputy Rector: Pastoral Joni Warburton, BComm (Hons), CA(SA): Financial Director PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE Brigitte Brown, BA (Div), Dip HRM: Functions & Events Manager Dr Carika de Swardt, D Phil Mus, M Mus (Ed), BMus (Ed): Head of Culture, Music, Tutor-McCormick Gavin Erasmus, BBusSci (Hons): Head of Digital Strategy James Fleming, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy: Head of Sports Medicine, Tutor-Pascoe, MIC-Rugby

MIC-Debating and Public Speaking Programme Katherine Cass, BA (Sp & H Th), MA (Sp Pathology): Head of Learning Support, English, Life Orientation, Tutor-Farfield Khalipha Cele, BSS (Hons), PGCE: Geography, Tutor-East (wef 01/01/2023) Jenni Clinton-Parker, BA Psych (Hons), BA Fine Art (Ed): HoD Visual Arts, Life Orientation, Counselling, Tutor-Founders Marcel Cornelius, BEd: Afrikaans, Assistant Housemaster-Mackenzie Jed Coventry, BA Psych (Hons): HoD Media Centre, Media Studies, Tutor- Mackenzie Ian Crawford, BEd: ICT, CAT, Housemaster-West Dr Carika de Swardt, D Phil Mus, M Mus (Ed), BMus (Ed): Head of Culture, Music, Tutor-McCormick Paul de Wet, BSc, HDE, BEd (Hons), PGCE: Mathematics, FS Mathematics (part-time) Jaco Dippenaar, MMus, BMus (Ed): Director of Music, Tutor-Ralfe (31/12/2023)


PREFECTS 2023 Back Row: Leo Muziva, Cameron Retzlaff, Sandiso Hlongwa, David du Toit, Thomas Mitchell Middle Row: Wandile Mlaba, Campbell Ridl, Theo Apteker, James Cleland Front Row (seated): Mr Sibusiso Ncamani, Andrew Woodland, Mr Antony Clark, Murray Baker, Mr Brendan Gittins

Paul Edgar, BEd (Hons): IT, CAT, Tutor Tatham (30/06/2023) Amanda Emmott, BSc (Hons), PGCE: Mathematics, Tutor-West (wef 01/08/2023) Wendi Erasmus, BEd (Ed Psych) (Hons): English, Assistant Learning Support Coordinator (part-time) (31/12/2023)

Justin McDougall, MSc, PGCE: Geography, Assistant Housemaster Ralfe, MIC-Water Polo Brad McManus, BA, PGCE: History, Assistant Housemaster-West, Intern Co-ordinator Mary McMichael, BA, HDE: English, Tutor-Pascoe Richard McMichael, BCom, HDE: Accounting (part-time) Evan Mickleburgh, BEd: HoD EGD, Tutor-Pascoe Karin Moffat, BSc (Hons), HDE: Mathematics, FS Mathematics, Housemaster-McCormick, Senior Housemaster Xolisile Mzinyane, BEd (Hons): HoD isiZulu, Tutor-Farfield (wef 01/01/2023) Steven Ngwenya, BEd: Mathematics, Tutor-McCormick Aimee Nell, BEd (Hons): IT, CAT, Tutor-Tatham (wef 01/07/2023)

Edward Jeffrey, BEd: Physical Science, Housemaster-Mackenzie Richard Johnson, BCom (Masters), PGCE: Economics, Tutor- Ralfe (31/12/2023) Sibonelo Khanyile, BEd: Mathematics, Subject Head Mathematical Literacy, Assistant Housemaster-Baines (31/12/2023) Righardt Kotze, BSc (Hons), PGCE: Life Sciences, Life Orientation, Housemaster-Tatham Leigh Kotze, BA Psych, MPhil, PGCE: HoD Life Orientation, English, History (part-time), Tutor-Ralfe William le Cordeur, MA: Dramatic Arts, Theatre Director Dale Lynch, BA, PGCE: HoD Geography, Tutor-East (wef 01/01/2023) Siphesihle Mabaso, BSc, PGCE: Mathematics, Tutor-West (04/08/2023) Cheron McConnell, BSc (Hons), HDE, HEd: HoD Life Sciences, Tutor-Baines

Christopher Felix, BEd: HoD Accounting, Tutor-Founders (wef 01/01/2023) Emsoné Fourie, BEd: Afrikaans, Tutor- Founders

Dominic Gruijters, BSc (Hons): HoD Information Technology, ICT, Assistant Housemaster-McCormick Lieschen Harrison, PGCE: Visual Arts, English, Tutor-McCormick Matthew Higginson, BSc (Hons), HDE: Physical Science, Housemaster- Baines, MIC-Squash Claire Hornby, BA, HDE: English (part-time) (wef 01/01/2023)


ACADEMIC STAFF 2023 Back Row: Mr Garth Quaite, Mr Brandon Peel, Mr Anele Cebo, Mr Paul Snyman, Mr Grant Ball, Mr Sibonelo Khanyile, Mr Evan Mickleburgh, Mr Jaco Dippenaar, Mr William le Cordeur, Mr Matthew Higginson, Mr Simeon Goddard, Mr Joshua Turnbull, Mr Brandon Venter, Mr Doug Rodger, Mr Xavier Saunderson Fourth Row: Mr Dominic Gruijters, Mr Sihawu Dube, Mrs Dale Lynch, Ms Emsone Fourie, Ms Cheron McConnell, Mr Herman Visagie, Mrs Mary McMichael, Mr Thokozani Ngcobo, Mr Sanele Zikhali, Mr Simphiwe Mazibuko, Mr Khalipha Cele,Mr Alex Deetlefs, Mr Paul de Wet, Mrs Tanith von Mayer, Mr Ian Crawford, Dr Karen Vivier Third Row: Mr Michael Kimber, Mrs Angela van Wyngaard, Mrs Jenni Clinton-Parker, Mr Mike Sevenoaks, Mrs Claire Hornby, Mr Linda Shezi, Mr David Pachonick, Mr Justin McDougall, Mr Mthunzi Mdunge, Mr Mlibo Tyala, Mr Sinethemba Mabaleka, Mr Sifiso Shabangu, Mr Jeremy Cahill, Mr Thabani Mchunu, Mr Linda Mabuza, Mr Clint Sliedrecht, Mr Bruere Venter, Mr Jayden Gengan, Mr Ernest Rindfleisch, Mr Nkanyiso Ngcobo, Mr Steven Ngwenya, Mr Jean-Pierre Olivier, Mrs Katherine Cass, Mr Brad McManus, Ms Riette White, Ms Marcel Cornelius, Mr Paul Edgar, Mr Richardt Kotze, Ms Aldi Smith Second Row: Mr Christopher Felix, Ms Asha Rooyapen, Ms Martine Planteau de Maroussem, Mr Lwanda Saunders, Mr Mfundo Gumede, Mr Simphiwe Mazibuko, Mr Sihle Mabaso, Ms Glynnis Owen, Mrs Ilne Visagie, Mrs Sally Cahill, Mrs Xolisile Mzinyane, Mr Chris van den Berg, Mr Sihawu Dube, Mr Mthunzi Mdunge, Mr Richard Johnson, Mrs Peta Roberts, Mrs Lieschen Harrison, Ms Akhona Sikhakhane, Mr Ross Dubazana Front Row (seated): Mr Gerry Noel, Ms Karin Moffat, Mrs Lynne Moore, Mr James Fleming, Ms Carika de Swardt, Mr Murray Witherspoon, Mr Brendan Gittins, Mrs Win de Wet, Mr Antony Clark, Mr Sibusiso Ncamani, Rev Chris Meyer, Ms Joni Warburton, Mr Tim Jarvis, Mr Ryan Strudwick, Mr Marius Henn, Ms Brigitte Brown, Mr Edward Jeffrey

Nkanyiso Ngcobo, BSc, PGCE, BEd (Hons): Physical Science, Housemaster- Pascoe, MIC-Golf Jean-Pierre Olivier, BEd: Afrikaans, Assistant Housemaster-Pascoe Glynnis Owen, BSc (Hons), HDE: Mathematics (part-time) Craig Pieterse, BEd: Subject Head Mathematical Literacy, Assistant Housemaster-Farfield (31/07/2023)

Martine Planteau de Maroussem, BA, PGD, HDE: HoD French Ernest Rindfleisch, BCom, HDE: HoD Economics, Accounting, Tutor- Mackenzie (16/08/2023) Peta Roberts, BA, PGCE: English, FS English, Tutor-Tatham, MIC-Boys’ Service Doug Rodger, BA, PGCE: English, Housemaster-Farfield

Asha Royappen, BA, PGCE: HoD Dramatic Arts, Tutor-Baines Michael Sevenoaks, BBusSci PGCE: Economics, Tutor-West, MIC-Tennis Linda Shezi, BA, PGCE: isiZulu, Housemaster-East Clint Sliedrecht, MSc, PGCE: HoD Physical Science, Tutor-Mackenzie, MIC-Basketball


Alida Smith, BA, PGCE: HoD Mathematics, FS Mathematics, Tutor- East Paul Snyman, BSc, HDE: Life Sciences, Housemaster-Ralfe Peter Stevens, BA, HDE: Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy (part-time) Garth Quaite, BEd (Hons): EGD, Assistant Housemaster-Founders Angela van Wyngaard, BSc (Hons), PCGE: Mathematics, Tutor-Pascoe Chris van der Berg, MA, HDE: HoD Afrikaans, Tutor-Baines, MIC-Soccer Brandon Venter, BEd: HoD History, Assistant Housemaster-East, MIC- Cricket Herman Visagie, BA (Hons), PGCE: English, Housemaster-Founders Ilne Visagie, BA, PGCE: Afrikaans (part-time) Dr Karen Vivier, BVSc, HDE: Life Sciences (FTC part-time) (31/03/2023) Grant von Mayer, BSc, PGCE: Physical Science, Tutor-Farfield, MIC-Hockey Tanith von Mayer, BA, PGCE: HoD English, Tutor-Mackenzie Riette White, BCom, PGCE: HoD Economics, Tutor-West Simphiwe Xulu, PGCE: IT, CAT, Tutor- Ralfe Sanele Zikhali, BEd: isiZulu, Assistant Housemaster-Farfield Joshua Turnbull, BMus (Jazz Performance), PGCE: Music, Tutor- Mackenzie

Wendy Dlamini, Housemother-East, Founders and Tatham (31/03/2023) Raymond Duma, Physical Sciences Lab Technician Angela Jonsson, Executive Assistant to the Rector Wendy Kelly, Academic Administrator Thando Khanyile, Housemother- Farfield and Pascoe (wef: 21/02/2023) Sibusiso Elton Mlotshwa, Arts & Humanities Technician Sindisiwe Mnikathi, Housemother-East and Founders Shakila Moola, Receptionist Minenhle Mtshali, Data Administrator Joanne Morrison, Co-curricular Administrator Bhekumuzi (Fish) Ndlovu, Cultural/ Theatre Technician Zanele Ndlovu, Life Sciences Lab Assistant Rebotile Ngwenya, Housemother Baines and Mackenzie Nolwazi Shezi, Housemother-West and Tatham (wef 01/01/2023) Nikki Veenstra, Administrator to the Rector and Board of Governors Lawanda Zondi, Music School & Theatre Administrator (part-time) Bronwyn Cramer, BCompt, PG Dip (Accounting) (CTA): Financial Manager Jacques Ehlers, BCom: Financial Assistant Larisha Govender, Management Accountant Gwyneth Benson, Creditors’ Controller (wef 01/08/2023) Sethabile Cele, LLB Attorney (SA): Debtors’ Controller (wef 01/05/2023) Joanne Kissoon, Creditors’ Controller (31/05/2023) Meera Rughoo, Senior Debtors’ Controller (28/02/2023) FINANCE Joni Warburton, BCom (Hons), CA(SA): Financial Director

Sinethemba Mabaleka, Tutor-Tatham Linda Mabuza, Tutor-West (31/12/2023) Mthunzi Mdunge, Tutor-West Banele Mlangeni, Tutor-Mackenzie (31/12/2023) Siphiwe Mazibuko, Tutor-Pascoe (31/12/2023) Thabani Mchunu, Tutor-Baines Thokozani Ngcobo, Tutor-Farfield (wef 01/01/2023) Tim-Tim (Thembinkosi) Khumalo, Tutor-Mackenzie (31/12/2023) David Pachonick, Tutor-Founders Brandon Peel, Tutor-Ralfe (wef 01/01/2023) Lwando Saunders, Tutor-Ralfe Xavier Saunderson, Tutor-McCormick (wef 01/01/2023) Sifiso Shabangu, Tutor-McCormick (31/12/2023) Mlibo Tyala, Tutor-Founders (30/06/2023) Bruere Venter, Tutor-East Luyanda Zondi, Tutor-Pascoe (wef 01/01/2023) Lwandiswa Zuma, Tutor-Founders SPORTS Ryan Strudwick, BAgric Mgt, PGCE: Senior Master: Sport, Tutor-Founders James Fleming, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy: Head of Sports Medicine, Tutor-Pascoe, MIC-Rugby Prosper (Ross) Dubazana, BSport Science (Hons): Strength & Conditioning Specialist Mfundo Gumede, BTec Sport & Exercise Technology: Strength & Conditioning Coach (wef 01/01/2023) Stuart Roberts, BCom: Head of Canoeing (wef 01/01/2023) (part-time) ADMINISTRATIVE & ACADEMIC SUPPORT STAFF Carol Baillie, Housemother-McCormick and Ralfe Caryl Ballance, Pastoral & Chapel Administrator

INTERN STAFF Jeremy Cahill, Tutor-McCormick Anele Cebo, Tutor-Mackenzie Alex Deetlefs, Tutor-East Sihawu Dube, Tutor-Baines (31/12/2023) Jayden Gengan, Tutor-East (31/03/2023) Simeon Goddard, Tutor-Farfield (31/12/2023) Michael Kimber, Tutor-Tatham Kuluba Leteane, Tutor-Tatham (wef 29/05/2023)


MEDIA CENTRE Jed Coventry, BA Psych (Hons): HoD Media Centre, Media Studies, Tutor- Mackenzie Melissa Ross, Assistant Librarian Keren Shunmoogum, Bookroom & Photocopy Administrator OLD BOYS’ CLUB Murray Witherspoon, MA: Head of Admissions & Marketing, Old Boys’ Club Director Aphiwe Mthalane, Old Boys’ Club Friendraiser (wef 01/01/2023) Lerato Mokethi, BA: Old Boys’ Club Friendraiser/ Online Engagement Specialist (30/11/2023) SANATORIUM Sr Judy Dimmick, General Nursing & Midwifery (Dip): Relief Sanatorium Sister (part-time) Sr Debbie Hayes, General Nursing & Midwifery (Dip), Operating Theatre Nursing Science (Dip): Senior Sanatorium Sister Sr Alexandra McManus, Bachelor of Nursing Science: Sanatorium Sister (30/06/2023) Sr Mbali Miya, General Nursing (Dip): Night Sanatorium Sister (wef 01/09/2023) Jenay Ngcobo, Sanatorium Accounts Administrator Sr Sanelisiwe Ntuli, Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons): Sanatorium Sister Sr Adie Peter, General Nursing & Midwifery (Dip): Sanatorium Sister TRADE INN Jacqui Snyman, Senior Trade Inn Assistant Roxanne Frost, Trade Inn Assistant (03/03/2023) Ronel van der Berg, Trade Inn Assistant Tyrone Hearthstones, Trade Inn Assistant (wef 17/04/2023) OPERATIONS Marius Henn, BA (Hons): Operations Manager


Pushpa Ramharack, Financial Administrator Sheena White, Cashbook Administrator COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS TRUST Akhona Sikhakhane, BSocSci Psych (Hons): Community Partnerships Trust Manager Ayanda Ntombela, ND Tourism: Community Partnerships Trust Administrator (wef 01/02/2023) DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Frances Bolttler, BSc: Head of Development (wef 01/10/2023) HUMAN RESOURCES Lynne Moore, BA, HDE, BEd Educational Psychology (Hons), HRM Dip: Human Resources Manager Londiwe Hearthstones, ND HRM: HR Generalist IT Gavin Erasmus, BBusSci (Hons): Head of Digital Strategy Simon Dottridge, BCom: Senior Network Technician Mbuyiseni Mkhabela, IT & Audio Visual Specialist (wef 19/06/2023) Shailan Govender, IT & Audio Visual Specialist (31/03/2023) Shalani Govender, IT Administrator Van Wyk Oosthuysen, B Arch: Innovation Specialist ADMISSIONS & MARKETING Murray Witherspoon, MA: Head of Admissions & Marketing, Old Boys’ Club Director Shanice Cassim, Creative Designer Catherine Maitin-Casalis, Marketing Coordinator Sian McDowell, Admissions Administrator Nicky Kidgell, BCom (Hons): Senior Marketer (wef 01/09/2023) Xillen van Rooyen, High Performance Facilitator (30/04/2023)

Jade Greyvenstein, Functions Manager Nontsikelelo Bhengu, Catering Manager Thys Hattingh, Project Manager (wef 15/08/2023) Linda Summers, Project Manager (31/01/2023) Kenny Sendege, Catering Manager (30/08/2023) Nickylar Maharaj, Catering Financial Manager Gina Michell-Innes, Coffee Shop Manager (wef 10/01/2023) Bongang Motloung, Store Manager (wef 01/06/2023) Tracy Williams, Executive Chef (31/09/2023) ESTATES & GARDENS Graeme Nothard, NDip Horticulture: Estate & Nature Reserve Manager Meshack Khumalo, Estate Supervisor Amanda Jarvis, Gardens Manager FUNCTIONS & EVENTS Brigitte Brown, BA (Div), Dip HRM: Functions & Events Manager DOMESTIC SERVICES Happy Nzima, Domestic Services Manager Samuel Zuma, Laundry Assistant Manager Candy Sithole, Domestic Services Administrator MAINTENANCE Donovan Nel, Maintenance Manager Kyle Slinger, Assistant Maintenance Manager Bongi Ndlela, Health, Safety & Environment Officer SECURITY Caroline Higginson, Security Analyst (part-time) Mduduzi Khanyile, Security Supervisor (Ballid)


TRANSPORT Denver Kalika, (Dip) Fleet Mgmt, (AdvDip) Bus Mgmt, (Hons) Bus Mgmt: Transport Controller Nirvana Naicker, Transport Coordinator

Robert Duma, Driver Nkosinomusa Mahlaba, Driver

Thula Sikakane, Driver Victor Thwala, Driver Steven Zuma, Driver

Jack Ndlela, Head Driver Cornelius Sithole, Driver


EMMOLITE ZUMA FARWELL LAUNDRY t saddens me to wish Emmolite a farewell after working at the laundry for 16 years. She has been such a wonderful employee and it was great working with her. September 2022 was such a challenging year for her, when she was not well, but I am glad that she is much better now. Emmolite, all I can say to you is: go well, and you will definitely be missed, especially your smile. I


years. One of the remarkable things that I will miss from her is the fact that she was very clean, and she never complained about her work. We had a challenging time with Gugu last year when she wasn’t well, and God has been faithful in her life. Somehow, she got better, and this year was the best year, and she has never been ill at all.


ane worked in the laundry for 31 years! She is such a wonderful person with a lot of integrity. She respected her job so much and was always very dedicated. I’ve learned a lot from you, Jane, especially your humbleness. You will surely be missed. Just remember that retirement is time to enjoy all the things you never had time to do when you worked. Enjoy each moment, and stay young at heart and kind in spirit.

The Rector’s reception will not be the same without you, Gugu.

To you, Ma Gugu: a retirement is wonderful; it is doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it. Enjoy your stay at home, and may the favour and the blessing of the Lord be upon you all the days of your life. We will miss you.

Written by Happy Nzima



May the Lord bless you.

have so much to say about Gugu Hadebe, a granny with a forever smile. She has been with housekeeping for 14

Written by Happy Nzima

Written by Happy Nzima

D FLORENCE (FLO) JALI (Michaelhoue 1986-2023) uring May, we held a memorial service in our Chapel for Florence (Flo) Jali who was employed at Michaelhouse for a remarkable 37 years, latterly in the Indoor Centre area as a cleaner. Flo was much-loved and respected by her colleagues and by the boys who grew to know her as she cheerfully engaged with her tasks. It was only about 10 days before her death that she felt ill and a medical investigation revealed an aggressive form of cancer. We are immensely saddened by the untimely passing of Flo and this causes us to reflect on how life, which seems so certain and predictable for most people on a day to day basis, can be taken away so unexpectedly. We can never take the gift of life for granted and this underlines the importance of living each day to the full. We look to Flo’s example and remain ever-grateful to Flo for living her life to the full and serving the Michaelhouse community with such dedication. Flo Jali will forever be threaded into the tapestry of this beautiful school.



the idea of schoolmastering to forge forward despite the heavy burden on their shoulders. The motto of the interns should be one along the lines of “All in.” The interns could always be found together during the school day, either sharing a meal or coffee, to great raucous laughter or in-depth philosophical debate. Their spirit and glass-half-full mindsets kept the mood light and jovial seemingly constantly. In 2023, our interns took up several notable positions of responsibility. Mr Banele Mlangeni: First XI soccer coach Mr Simphiwe Mazibuko: First Team basketball coach Mr Alex Deetlefs: First Team water polo coach Mr David Pachonick: First XV rugby assistant coach Mr Jayden Gengan: First XI cricket assistant coach During the second quarter, we bid farewell to Mr Jayden Gengan, who left Michaelhouse for a full-time pastoral role in the UK. At the end of the year, we said goodbye to: Mr Tim-Tim Khumalo, who left to focus on his musical pursuits; Mr Simeon Goddard, who took up a teaching role at Maritzburg College; Mr Simphiwe Mazibuko, who moved closer to his family in Durban; Mr Sifiso Shabangu, who took up a post at Woodhill College; Mr Banele Mlangeni, who moved to a post at De La Salle Holy Cross College; Mr Mlibo Tyala, who took up a role at St John’s College, Johannesburg; Mr Sihawu Dube, who joined Thomas More College; and Mr Linda Mabuza, who took up a role at Elkanah House in the Western Cape. Mr Lwando Saunders must be congratulated on his move into full-time teaching at Michaelhouse in the Economics Department. Mr David Pachonick will continue at Michaelhouse in a part-time teacher capacity for 2024. We at Michaelhouse pride ourselves on the calibre of interns who finish their studies and education with us before moving out into the world as vibrant and valued educators. We hope to continue with the programme’s success under the ongoing guidance of Mrs Win de Wet and Mr Brad McManus.

Written by Mr Bradley McManus

Staff Member in Charge: Mrs Win de Wet Programme Coordinator: Mr Bradley McManus


he Michaelhouse Intern Programme is a unique entity within the field of South African education. Our programme is not a stooge programme that is underpinned by the compartmentalisation of young professionals into either academic or sporting roles. Michaelhouse has positioned itself as an institution that shapes future schoolmasters through integration into every facet of school life from their first day on campus. Each intern is required to spend time in the classroom every day, as well as contribute to the co-curricular programme during the year. Each is also expected to attend community outreach initiatives throughout the community.

We welcomed eight new members to the programme in 2023:

Mr. Kuluba Leteane (Music and AV) Mr. Sinethemba Mabaleka (B.Ed.) Mr. Thokozani Ngcobo (B.Ed.) Mr. Brandon Peel (PGCE) Mr. Xavier Saunderson (B.Ed.) Mr. Luyanda Zondi (PGCE) Mr. Lwandiswa Zuma (PGCE) Mr. Tim-Tim Khumalo (Music) Mr. Jeremy Cahill (PGCE)

From the very beginning of 2023, the interns were ever willing to bolster and support the day-to-day running of the school. Whether it be lesson cover, bus duty, chaperoning dances or just spending time with the Michaelhouse boys in the day rooms watching a football or rugby match. The pace of a school such as Michaelhouse often catches new interns off guard. But each year we are buoyed by the willingness of those dedicated to

Big blazers, big hopes. Big dreams, big choices Big life lessons, big opportunities Big time to excel in your chosen field.

Be proud. Be good. Be kind. Be adventurous and bold. Be blessed every new boy! Then Quit Ye Like Men. Dee Stewart via Facebook




15 FEBRUARY 2023

best universities in the world. On that score, it was heartening to receive a photograph from Tapiwa Chikwanda, our dux of 2020,who has been achieving outstanding results at UPenn, one of the most famous American Ivy League universities, where his work was brought to the attention of the president of UPenn, Liz Magill. Michaelhouse boys continue to do us proud. Now I am going to be brief, boys, but it is appropriate that I take this opportunity to give you a clear message about some of the ways in which academic success is achieved and what the qualities are which lead to that success. I am going to limit myself to six of these qualities, and it may be that the prize winners, themselves, are not alert to all of these. Firstly, ambition is important. You have to want to be successful to succeed. Tapiwa Chikwanda wanted to go to UPenn. Others will want to go to UCT or Pretoria or whatever they may want to do. It doesn’t matter what your goals may be, but we all need to see the end goal if we are to fulfil our ambition. Secondly, academic curiosity is critical for success. This means that one would seek to find out more about a range of different topics. Academic curiosity implies going deeper into areas of study, researching them and developing a range of viewpoints. Asking the question why is all-important. Thirdly, rigour. Rigour revolves around revisiting material and preparing for the next day and considering issues which might be brought into the ambit of the study of a topic. It implies both consolidation of material, thinking through what has been transacted in class and trying to be one step ahead of the game in preparation for the days or weeks ahead. Both revision and anticipation of what is to come. Fourthly, independence in learning. Success comes, partially, through taking yourself away from the crowd and considering what you have learnt and are learning by yourself, reading further and deeper and challenging established views on any academic topic. Fifthly, interdependence. This involves collaboration with other learners and working with them to meet certain goals and aspirations. Being able to distinguish what is worthwhile learning from your peers and what is not so valuable. The ability to synthesize material and advance arguments. Sixthly, resilience. This means continuing to strive for success, even when you have disappointments and things have not gone your way. Being tough on yourself. Putting in the hard yards. Not necessarily expecting success first time round. Sticking to it.


ood afternoon to you all, parents, boys and staff and, on this occasion, may I extend a special welcome to Mrs Tracy Woodland, the mother of our Senior Prefect, who has kindly agreed as our Guest of Honour to award the prizes to the boys today. Mrs Woodland is also the mother of the 2022 dux , Peter Woodland, so her being our Guest of Honour is doubly appropriate and it is possibly a first in the history of Michaelhouse that our special guest is the mother of the previous year’s dux as well as of the current year’s Senior Prefect. So, Tracy, thank you for giving of your time to grace Michaelhouse with your sparkling presence today. And a big thank you, too, goes to Mr Simon Woodland seated in the audience who is in effect her plus one for today! As everyone knows, our chief purpose this afternoon is to encourage and reward those who excelled in the academic realm in 2022 in the B to E Blocks, and in doing so we restate that our intention is to aim to develop each boy to the maximum of his potential. What is ultimately of importance to you, boys, is that you should “be the best that you can you be”, the best version of yourself in every sphere of life, including the academic one. Certainly, at Michaelhouse we believe in a holistic education: we believe in the importance of sport, music, drama and cultural activities, but it is the academic thread which is the golden one and which gives a principal focus and purpose to each day, week and term. There are few things more wonderful to see in education than the synergy that exists in an academic environment in which the potential for understanding and the deepening of knowledge unfolds, and the quest to study further and deeper becomes part of an individual psyche. It is the magical moment when teachers and pupils are working in concert with each other to maximise the potential of the student. Looking back on 2022, our matriculation class and their teachers deserve to feel very pleased with their IEB results as the majority of our boys performed at a level slightly above our expectations of them. It was not a vintage year, but we maintained a 100% pass rate and our boys averaged 2.3 As per boy, which put us second amongst boys’ schools writing the IEB exams across KwaZulu Natal. 25% achieved an A aggregate and 42 boys achieved a B aggregate. The average mark across all subjects was 71%, and six of our subjects had boys in the top 1% in South Africa. Congratulations to our dux , Peter Woodland, who achieved eight As and an average of 88.6%. He was hotly pursued by the promixe accessit , Benjamin Frost, who achieved seven As. I must mention that Freddy Waller actually achieved nine distinctions and yet was only placed eighth equal on our list of high achievers. None of those boys are here this evening, but we are delighted for them and know they will be sought after by the

Just to recap, I have suggested six things you need to have or do


Matthew Longmore; D Block, Reily Eliot; C Block, Matthew Kennedy; and B Block, David du Toit. The Hamilton internal scholarship is awarded for one year to the boy with the top aggregate in his Block who is not a recipient of another academic scholarship. The awards for 2023 are: E Block, Graydon Leslie; D Block, Reily Elliot; C Block, Patrick Lambert; and B Block, Theo Apteker. May I end by congratulating the prize-winners this afternoon. It is your day and you have every right to be proud of yourselves.

for academic success: ambition, curiosity, rigour, independence, interdependence and resilience. Good luck to you. It is now my pleasure to announce the recipients of the internal scholarships for 2023. These relate to the Sir Henry Strakosch Scholarship and the John W Hamilton Internal Scholarship, both of which are based on 2022 results. The Strakosch scholarship is awarded for one year to the boy in each Block with the best combined mark for Mathematics and Science in the previous year. The awards for 2023 are: E Block,


E BLOCK GABRIELLE MASSEY PRIZE Brent Tayengwa SUBJECT PRIZES AFRIKAANS First in Subject: Ivan Nel Diligence: Max Oliva, Michael Smithyman, Matthew Moore, Oliver Vickery, Keegan Pattenden First in Subject: Matthew Longmore Diligence: Matthew Longmore, Elliot Springate, Michael Smithyman, Sihle Ludonga, Tyron Kaufmann, Connor Hatfield ENGINEERING GRAPHICS AND DESIGN First in Subject: Masupha Seeiso ENGLISH First in Subject: Matthew Longmore Diligence: Keegan Pattenden, Mnotho Mbuyazi, Luke Viljoen, Keabetswe Motswenyane, Michael Smithyman, Max Oliva, George Mitchell-Innes DRAMATIC ARTS First in Subject: Michael Smithyman, Harry Witherspoon ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES

VISUAL ARTS First in Subject: Keegan Pattenden MERIT CERTIFICATES (Year Mark Aggregate over 80%) Alexander Bothner, Preston Greene, Tane Greene, Matthew Hunter, Gabriel Isabwa, Tyron Kaufmann, Graydon Leslie, Matthew Longmore, Henry Love, Sihle Ludonga, Khashane Maenetje, Jake McDonald, Matthew Moore, Ivan Nel, Rendani Nonge, Max Oliva, Thomas Pakendorf, Keegan Pattenden, Nicholas Purdy, Troy Rautenbach, Michael Smithyman, Jack Stevenson, Brent Tayengwa, Rhys Watson, Harry Witherspoon Third in Block: Brent Tayengwa Second in Block: Graydon Leslie First in Block: Matthew Longmore

HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES First in Subject: Jake McDonald Diligence: Benjamin Trotter, Stefano Benassi, Max Oliva, Rhys Watson, Michael Weitendorf, Michael Smithyman INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Troy Rautenbach Diligence: Tane Greene, Chase Dormehl, Tristan Barker, Rifumo Shirindza, George Mitchell-Innes, Siyambonga Skenjana ISIZULU First in Subject: Nkanyeziyokusa Ndlovu Diligence: Graydon Leslie, Michael Ngorima MATHEMATICS First in Subject: Matthew Longmore Diligence: Matthew Hunter, Brent Tayengwa, Timothy Bokaba, Michael Smithyman, Connor Hatfield, Thomas Pakendorf MUSIC First in Subject: Matthew Longmore, Brent Tayengwa NATURAL SCIENCES First in Subject: Matthew Longmore Diligence: Lee-Roy Mochan, Michael Smithyman, Jess Webber, Liam O’Dwyer, Connor Hatfield, Brent Tayengwa


Most Improved Mark: William Gilson Diligence: Franko Bocking, Dillon Lahaye, Makena Githiri, Gregor von Mayer

FRENCH First in Subject: Jack Stevenson Diligence: Jack Stevenson



Bailes, Lwazi Gumede, Mark Kuhn, Stefan Moolman, Christopher Gilson

Most Improved Mark: Fionn Graham Diligence: Reily Elliot, Lerotholi Seeiso, Takudzwa Ngorima, Oliver Davis, Phiko Madlanga

Most Improved Mark: Sebastian Hofmeyr, Stephan Macamo Diligence: Nathan Strachan, Luke Davidson, Angelo Nkosi, Luke Haswell COMPUTER APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Nathan Strachan Diligence: Cival Rugbar, Luke Banfield

MOVEMENT First in Subject: Keagan Elliott


MUSIC First in Subject: Boitumelo Motsepe

ENGLISH First in Subject: Simon Bailes Most Improved Mark: Connor Brown Diligence: Reily Elliot, Phiko Madlanga, Lerotholi Seeiso, Josh van Duren, Franko Bocking, Oratile Monama, Maximillian Murray DRAMATIC ARTS First in Subject: Séan Erasmus FRENCH First in Subject: Araf El-Maamry Most Improved Mark: Emmanuel Chama Diligence: Maximillian Murray HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES First in Subject: Reily Elliot Most Improved Mark: Cameron Griffin Diligence: Lerotholi Seeiso, Ziyanda Hlongwa, Franko Bocking, Reily Elliot, Henry Walters, Takudzwa Ngorima INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Reily Elliot Most Improved Mark: Roelof Rossouw Diligence: Oratile Monama, Seth Harie, Ross Askew, Josh van Duren, Adrian von Klemperer, Franko Bocking, Joshua van Niekerk ISIZULU First in Subject: Boitumelo Motsepe Most Improved Mark: Oratile Monama Diligence: Tlangelani Mashaba, Lerotholi Seeiso, Tebogo Mogashoa MATHEMATICS First in Subject: Roelof Rossouw Most Improved Mark: Oratile Monama Diligence: Roelof Rossouw, Simon

NATURAL SCIENCES First in Subject: Reily Elliot Most Improved Mark: Luvuyo Tsibani

DRAMATIC ARTS First in Subject: Seth Segal Diligence: Kian Moses

Diligence: Jonathan Boesak, Tristan Atkinson, Lwazi Gumede, Simon Bailes, Robert Steyn, Lukas Lorenzo VISUAL ARTS First in Subject: Roelof Rossouw MERIT CERTIFICATES (Year Mark Aggregate over 80%) Simon Bailes, Oliver Bruyns, Matthew Butcher, Mark Conway, Khewzi Dube, Reily Elliot, Daniel French, William Gilson, Makena Githiri, Seth Harie, Hayden Hewlett, Justin Higginson, Radhesh Jhilmeet, Harry Latter, Lukas Lorenzo, Ofentse Mdaki, Boitumelo Motsepe, Takudzwa Ngorima, Andreas Papadopoulos, Michael Pitt, Roelof Rossouw, Lerotholi Seeiso, Luke Sidebottom, Tinashe Simelane, Nicholas Smithers, Luvuyo Tsibani, Adrian von Klemperer Most Improved Aggregate: Oratile Monama Third in Block: Oliver Bruyns Second in Block: Simon Bailes First in Block: Reily Elliot C BLOCK GABRIELLE MASSEY PRIZE Luke Kaufmann SUBJECT PRIZES ACCOUNTING First in Subject: Patrick Lambert Diligence: Anesu Nduru, Michael Spencer AFRIKAANS First in Subject: Carlyle Hawkins

ECONOMICS First in Subject: Patrick Lambert Diligence: Dylan Hewlett, Luke Kaufmann, Carlyle Hawkins, Patrick Lambert, Cameron Strudwick, Kevin Roberts, Ike Githinji, Brett Hill ENGINEERING GRAPHICS AND DESIGN First in Subject: Dylan Hewlett Diligence: Luke Fellner ENGLISH First in Subject: Ayabonga Shivane Most Improved Mark: Zak Aimone, Ayandiswa Buthelezi Diligence: Anesu Ndur, Boitumelo Sefotlhelo, Max Rautenbach, Angelo Nkosi, Michael Spencer, Damian Watson FRENCH First in Subject: Zak Aimone Most Improved Mark: Rourke Murray Diligence: Rourke Murray FURTHER STUDIES MATHEMATICS First in Subject: Kian Moses, Patrick Lambert Diligence: Matthew Kennedy, Seth Segal GEOGRAPHY First in Subject: Luke Haswell Diligence: Jack Hughes, Aiden Furby, Andrew Boettiger

HISTORY First in Subject: Luke Kaufmann


Fearnhead, Ike Githinji, Luke Haswell, Carlyle Hawkins, Dylan Hewlett, Brett Hill, Jack Hughes, Luke Kaufmann, Matthew Kennedy, Patrick Lambert, Ross Moller, Katlego Morema, Kian Moses, Anesu Nduru, Lukhanyo Nhlapo, Angelo Nkosi, Dylan Noach, Luke Payne, Max Rautenbach, Seth Segal, Ayabonga Shivane, Michael Spencer, Nathan Strachan, Tom Telford, Ruben Visagie, Alex Vries, Damian Watson, Johannes Zietsman, Nelisuzungu Zungu Most Improved Aggregate: Zak Aimone Third in Block: Patrick Lambert

Gilson, Thomas Lahaye, Muako Maepa

Diligence: Luke Davidson, Luke Kaufmann INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Dylan Noach Diligence: Ike Githinji, Nathan Strachan ISIZULU First in Subject: Lwazi Dlamini Most Improved Mark: Siyolise Finiza Diligence: Anesu Nduru, Kungalo Somhlahlo LIFE ORIENTATION First in Subject: Luke Kaufmann, Ruben Visagie LIFE SCIENCE First in Subject: Lucien Baldry Diligence: Chase Strathmore, Tristan Roques, Cameron Strudwick MATHEMATICAL LITERACY First in Subject: Chishala Kalenga, Sean Robinson, Callum James, Zak Aimone Diligence: Rourke Murray MATHEMATICS First in Subject: Matthew Kennedy Most Improved Mark: Neo Sefara Diligence: Dylan Hewlett, Damian Watson, Luke Banfield, Ashton Marais, Neo Sefara, Luca Kritzinger PHYSICAL SCIENCE First in Subject: Matthew Kennedy Diligence: Xabiso Ngcime (Mooi), Ntando Mbhele, Ruben Visagie, Michael Spencer VISUAL ARTS First in Subject: Johnathan Baber Diligence: Muhammed Suleiman MERIT CERTIFICATES (Year Mark Aggregate over 80%) Johnathan Baber, Lucien Baldry, Tshiamo Boikhutso, Nicholas MUSIC First in Subject: Alex Vries Diligence: Alex Vries

ENGINEERING GRAPHICS AND DESIGN First in Subject: Andrew Beviss Challinor Most Improved Mark: Peter Hein Diligence: Dominic Furby, Oliver Brown ENGLISH First in Subject: David du Toit Most Improved Mark: Jude Njeru, Torin Wright Diligence: Aedan Turner, Daniel Kaabwe, Caleb Vermaak, Sebastian Bailes, Andrew Beviss-Challinor, Otsile Maphosa FRENCH First in Subject: Aiden Jinnah Most Improved Mark: Brian Bowmaker Diligence: Kamogelo de Almeida FURTHER STUDIES MATHEMATICS First in Subject: David du Toit Most Improved Mark: Thomas Denny Diligence: David du Toit, Kofi Asumaning FURTHER STUDIES PHYSICS First in Subject: David du Toit Diligence: David du Toit GEOGRAPHY First in Subject: Oliver Walters Most Improved Mark: Oliver Jonsson, Jack Williamson, Joshua Perkins Diligence: Thomas Griffin, Leo Muziva, Oliver Armstrong FURTHER STUDIES ENGLISH First in Subject: David du Toit Diligence: David du Toit

Second in Block: Kian Moses First in Block: Dylan Hewlett



First in Subject: Thomas Denny Most Improved Mark: John Yeadon Diligence: Thomas Denny, Cameron Fleming

AFRIKAANS First in Subject: David du Toit

Most Improved Mark: Thomas Denny Diligence: Dylan McCoy, Michael Thornton, Bradley de Klerk, James Gilson COMPUTER APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Theo Apteker Most Improved Mark: Josh Capazorio Diligence: Torin Wright, Jayden Griffin

DRAMATIC ARTS First in Subject: Anotida Mashamhanda

HISTORY First in Subject: Oliver Walters

Most Improved Mark: Daniel Kaabwe Diligence: Anotida Mashamhanda ECONOMICS First in Subject: David du Toit Most Improved Mark: Mazvita Magara, Jude Njeru Diligence: Ntando Ndhlazi, James

Most Improved Mark: Anesu Chasi Diligence: Andrew Woodland, Anesu Chasi INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY First in Subject: Kofi Asumaning


Diligence: James Burns

Most Improved Mark: Josh Capazorio Diligence: Josh Capazorio, Leo Muziva ISIZULU First in Subject: Sandiso Hlongwa, Azipheli Sithole Most Improved Mark: Caleb Vermaak, Molemo Molefi Diligence: Nkosinathi Kumalo LIFE ORIENTATION First in Subject: Andrew Beviss Challinor Most Improved Mark: Daniel Kaabwe, Joshua Hoatson LIFE SCIENCES First in Subject: Aiden Jinnah Most Improved Mark: Edwin Miller, Adriaan Moolman Diligence: Bradley de Klerk, Caleb Vermaak, Onalerona Sekgororwana MATHEMATICAL LITERACY First in Subject: James Burns Most Improved Mark: Torin Wright

MERIT CERTIFICATES (Year Mark Aggregate over 80%) Theo Apteker, Kofi Asumaning, Sebastian Bailes, Jordan Baxter, Andrew Beviss-Challinor, Nikolaos Bratos, Oliver Brown, Josh Capazorio, Thomas Denny, Marc du Plessis, David du Toit, Cameron Fleming, Dominic Furby, James Gilson, Thomas Griffin, Sandiso Hlongwa, Aiden Jinnah, Thomas Lahaye, Gqamile Mbuyazi, Dylan McCoy, Ntando Ndhlazi, Nicholas Pitt, Onalerona Sekgororwana, Liam Tibshraeny, Donovan van Staden, Oliver Walters, Andrew Woodland Most Improved Aggregate: Edwin Miller Third in Block: Aiden Jinnah Second in Block: Kofi Asumaning First in Block: David du Toit HOUSE ACADEMIC AWARDS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT (FLEISCHER SHIELD): McCormick ACADEMIC EFFORT (RALFE CUP): McCormick

MATHEMATICS First in Subject: David du Toit Most Improved Mark: Thomas Griffin Diligence: Dylan McCoy, George Bolttler, Gregory Lovett, Joshua Hoatson, Adriaan Moolman MUSIC First in Subject: Kofi Asumaning Most Improved Mark: Samir Dookie Diligence: Samir Dookie, Kofi Asumaning PHYSICAL SCIENCE First in Subject: Kofi Asumaning Most Improved Mark: Sibongakonke Buthelezi Diligence: Erich van Zyl, Harrison Field, Thomas Lahaye, Dylan McCoy VISUAL ARTS First in Subject: Donovan van Staden Most Improved Mark: Ntando Ndhlazi Diligence: Oliver Armstrong, Ntando Ndhlazi



13 OCTOBER 2023

talk later about the construction status and occupation planning for new Tatham. An integral part of this project, apart from modernizing Tatham to match the upgraded standard of the other new Houses, and also to achieve a Housemaster’s house adjacent to Tatham, has been to create a staging house at old Tatham, to facilitate the rotational renovation of the old Houses. It is a priority objective to modernize and standardize all the boarding houses to match McCormick and Ralfe, and thereby achieve world-class boarding facilities across Michaelhouse. Given the scope of the necessary renovations, construction timing will extend beyond a single holiday and hence the need to rotate through the old Tatham while renovations are completed. Budgets have been quantified and agreed, to commence with the next round of renovations from early 2024, commencing with Pascoe and thereafter Farfield, with the other Houses to follow. The outcome will be a boarding house standard which is nothing short of world class, and incorporating a significant focus on energy and water efficiency. The addition of Ralfe and McCormick as two new Houses, has naturally led to increased numbers, expanding Michaelhouse from about 500 learners to around 620. This growth has placed significant capacity pressure on many facilities across Michaelhouse, in particular the Chapel and the dining halls. A chapel expansion has been agreed in principle by the Board, and has also been supported in writing by the bishop. Plans drawn up by the outstanding school architect Nick Grice have been approved in writing by the Anglican Diocese Property Manager and will shortly be submitted to the Heritage Council in KZN for approval. Once approved, Jamie Inglis, prior chairman of the Board, has generously offered to undertake a personal and targeted fundraising exercise to support the expansion of the Chapel to seat over 700 congregants. This would support the full school and staff body convening in congregation in a single sitting, which is deemed vitally important from a school worship and culture point of view. It would also facilitate broader inclusion of the local community and local schools, which are important objectives. Renovation timing would be approximately a year and it is hoped that the project may commence early next year. Energy security is a top priority for Michaelhouse to address increasing breakdown risks to the generators, which have been running excessively through higher stages of load shedding this year. Extensive design planning has been facilitated by Joni Warburton, Michaelhouse’s financial director, supported by an experienced professional team, to construct a solar farm and battery system, to provide battery power continuity during load shedding, linked to maximised solar installation across the campus. A screened site for the solar farm has been identified and the professional team is finalizing the project scope and service-provider selection to move ahead with funding plans.


ood afternoon, ladies and gentleman, boys of Michaelhouse, and in particular to our distinguished guest speaker Andrew Cook and his family. I am very pleased to be the first of three Andrews to address you this afternoon, with Andrew Woodland and Andrew Cook to follow the Rector and me. It is especially meaningful for me to be sitting and talking alongside Andrew Cook today. He was my English teacher for two of my five years at Michaelhouse, including matric, and also somebody I have held in the highest regard at school and since. Andrew was unquestionably an exceptional English teacher and mentor, and I was never dissuaded that he was a Hilton old boy and also Pascoe Housemaster. We have bumped into each other a few times over the years, including once on a remote beach at Kobb Inn on the Wild Coast, and have always had warm and meaningful conversations, such is Andrew’s style and manner. I am also extremely appreciative of the integral role he has played in making an innovative career development platform called Eduvelopment freely available to the Michaelhouse Community Partnerships schools, which have not previously had such services available to them. As a result of this, 53% of the matrics in our partner schools have applied for tertiary studies in 2024, which is a substantial increase on prior years. By the way, you can decide today, based on this address, how well my English teaching experience went. I attended my youngest daughter’s speech day last year, which was an important and nostalgic milestone for our family reaching the end of our collective schooldays. There may be some parents today also going through this separation anxiety. The headmaster and chairman of council spoke for an hour and ten minutes in Ted Talk style with chinos and blazers and strap-on microphones, presenting a PowerPoint slide deck of the outcomes of a recent off-site strategic planning workshop. My daughter said to me after the speech: ‘Dad, why did they spend so very, very long telling us about the school’s plans going forward, when we’re leaving?’ You may be pleased to hear that Ant Clark and I have been allocated a carefully choreographed ten minutes each, so we will save our Ted Talk presentation for a date still to be announced, which may require a much smaller audience venue. I explained to my daughter that, as somebody soon to be an old girl, she should be interested in the future of her school, which may well be where she chooses to send her children, and also visit as an old girl. Murray Witherspoon released one of his popular campus walkabout videos last week, which mentioned that 41% of boys at Michaelhouse are either old boys’ sons or have a close relative who is an old boy. With the likelihood of this trend continuing, the evolution of Michaelhouse will be relevant to many of you.

I would like to summarise a few important matters pertaining to the planning and evolution of Michaelhouse. Ant Clark will

I wrote to the Michaelhouse community at the beginning of the


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